Infant Nutrition for sick and malnourished children

Mum and I recognises that there are mothers who are unable to breastfeed their infants for various reasons. There are children with nutritional problems who are suffering from malnutrition as a result of disease, rendering them severely underweight which condition if left untreated could have immediate and long-term effects on their health, growth and development. Here in UK, there are families with children who need to have access to highly nutritional milk based supplements, who cannot afford to buy them as the NHS does not [...]

Pathogenesis and prevention

The recently-cut umbilical cord is an entry point for bacteria that can cause newborn sepsis and death. Bacteria rapidly colonize the moist cord stump and have direct access to the bloodstream through umbilical vessels that remain patent for the first few days after birth. In addition, bacterial colonization may lead to cord infection (omphalitis) with potential spread to the surrounding tissues and blood stream. Ensuring optimal cord care at birth and in the first week of life (including use [...]