The Kit

What are the contents of the Mum & I kit

  • Plastic sheet, transparent, 2m x 2m 2 pieces
  • Surgical gloves, sterile, latex 3 pairs
  • Cotton wool, roll, 200g 2 pieces
  • Gauze, absorbent, 90cm x 5m 3 pieces
  • Cord band ligature 1 piece
  • Razor blades, sterile, size 22 2 pieces
  • Antiseptic Soap bar, 100g 1 piece
  • Sanitary pad 3 pieces
  • Padded blood absorbing sheet 1piece
  • Cord ointment, Chlorhexidine digluconate 7.1 %
  • Explanatory flyer 1 piece

Why Are Safe birth kits Important?

The use of a Mum & I kit cuts the risk of infection especially in rural and Peri- urban areas. It has been reported that 60 million women worldwide give birth at home on the floor without clean water. The Mum & I kit provide the six essential ‘Cs’ outlined by WHO, and they are;

  1. Clean hands – soap or sanitising wipes. Wash hands with clean water and soap, once before delivery and once before cord cutting.
  2. Clean perineum or birth canal – gauze wipes.
  3. Clean birthing surface – folded plastic drop cloth or padded blood absorbent sheet. A plastic sheet for mothers to lie on during delivery maintains a clean birth canal and perineum, and protects the newborn from potential sources of infection.
  4. Clean cord cutter – sterile razor blade or scalpel. A new razor blade in its original packing is sterile and can prevent the transmission of tetanus-causing spores and other pathogenic organisms via the umbilicus to the infant.
  5. Clean cord tying thread. The use of clean thread or narrow tape to tightly tie the umbilicus helps keep the stump healthy.
  6. Clean cord ointment or antiseptic powder. Applying antiseptic such as chlorhexidine to the cord stump to prevent infection is the best care.

Sanitary pads and plastic gloves are very useful additions to the kit. The kit should have pictorial directions for use of the various listed items.